Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snow Patrol

I'm an alternative baby. I always go for alternatives whenever I download songs online. For me, it's the most soothing type of music ever. Currently, I'm Snow Patrol-ing. My playlist for this band has been in the loop for a couple of days now. I started falling in love with them when I heard their songs "Chasing Cars" and  "Run". Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch their concert in Manila last August 9. :(

These are a few of my favorite songs of SP:
Crack The Shutters
Just Say Yes
You're all I have
Signal Fire
Spitting Games
Set the Fire on the Third Bar
Ask me How I am


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Dianne said...

I love Alternative music too! Lalo na yung mga bands nung 90s :)

another day to wander