Thursday, December 5, 2013

And They Lived Happily Ever After.

I love fairy tales and I'm happy to share this article about love and weddings. Enjoy!

"If a child says that he believes in a fairy taleit will surprise nobody. If a child is going to try to convince the others of the reality of fairy tales, no one would even think of arguing with him. If the child perceives the world under the condition of all the fairy tales being true, he will most likely have the happiest and fairest childhood. Why, then, if the adult retains the same reckless faith in the fairy tale, he is accepted skeptical and is mocked on, of even accepted at all? Why are the fairy tales so persistently not taken seriously? To find some explanations on these issues, we need to first find the answer to a more fundamental question: what is the fairy tale, what is its essence, the meaning of it, why it was created and where its quintessence is concealed? Most likely, the purpose of fairy tale is an idealization of the real world. In the end, it' is hard to find someone who would be completely satisfied with his life in the emotional, psychological, empirical and moral terms. Very often, countless needs remain unmet. Many wishes remain only wishes forever. And each of us to the extent of necessary idealizes our life to put up with the harsh realities. We create our own fairy tale, which is slightly different from the existent living, we change a little the conditions of the game, and instantly, almost magically, life becomes easier. A fairy tale also creates a new world, separate from the surrounding, which has its own laws and regulations. A world where nothing is impossible. A world where there is always, regardless of the circumstances, in spite of all the obstacles and difficulties, a happy end. 
It is likely that this blind, desperate hope for the veracity of fairy tale largely explained by the presence of a Happy Ending. After all, this is probably the most beautiful and attractive part of the fairy tale, the most magical moment of it, and also the greatest fraudNamely the happy ending is the main reason for the distrustful attitude to fairy tales. Because everyone knows that such things does not happen in realityOr does it? Dare to imagine the most beautiful fairy tale with the most incredible and wonderful happy ending. What do you feel? Delight, euphoria, a burst of inexplicable joy. And at the same moment a hope is born. You start to subconsciously believe that what is happening is not a fairy tale, but real life. And all ended well for real and for real everyone remained together, pleased and happy. An unbelievable picture? Not at all. Such happy endings occur every day during the celebration of weddings in Palm Beach. Maybe not all the lovers who come to Palm Beach believe in the fairy tale and their own happy ending, but there is no one who leaves with no faith, as well. After a wedding in Palm Beach, everyone lives happily ever after. 
And it is natural to wonder why. Palm Beach is a fairy tale itself, with all its charm, for and romance. Clients of Palm Beach wedding planners invariably comment on the beautiful sky, the pristine beaches and the sense of tropical beauty. Your wedding can be enhanced by this amazing locale with ease as it’s already set up to support your needs. Palm Beach wedding services and companies have countless pictures of this idyllic locale, with miles of white sand beaches dotted with resorts and perfect spots for a sunset wedding. It is clear that each moment in this tropical paradise will be special. But in Palm Beach they know that the city has more than just spectacular locations and views. This city is built to host events, and there is a wide range of supportive businesses and consultants to make your wedding day perfect. You can have the most beautiful spot in the world for a wedding but your wedding will only shine if all the details are handled. When you are in Palm Beach, essentially you are still in the states, but it feels like the tropics. International airports are close at hand and the city is truly continental, allowing you to have the best of all worlds. From world class restaurants to snorkeling classes there is so much for your guests and your wedding party to do that you might want to schedule a few extra days there just to enjoy yourself.  
So let us begin our little wedding tour around the Palm Beach, which can be called a perfect wedding venue as a whole. At Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront blue skies, white sands and the shimmering Atlantic Ocean create a magnificent backdrop for weddings, whether beachside casual or black-tie formal. In fact, Hilton Singer is one of the few West Palm Beach hotels offering upscale ceremonies and receptions right at water’s edge. Brides and grooms are assisted by a team of professional planners, who carry out their unique dreams for the big day. Most of the resort’s 222 newly renovated guestrooms and suites view the ocean or islands of the inter-coastal waterway from personal balconies. Couples also appreciate the area’s variety of offerings for multi-generational groups. While some guests gravitate to the fashionable shops and galleries of Worth Avenue, others opt for boating, diving, golf or visits to the zoo and animal parkWhen not dining at the onsite beachfront restaurant, night owls may sample a choice of world-class restaurants and trendy clubs nearby at the Gardens and Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. 
If your spirit is more rebellious and perky, your choice should be The American German Club of the Palm Beaches, which hosts its annual Oktoberfest in October. Held on ten acres of ground, under a pavilion and massive tent, their "Original Oktoberfest" is one of the largest in the country! The Club also hosts monthly events. The spacious hall is available for group rental with catering on site and can accommodate up to 500. Allow the professional catering staff to make your event one to remember. You and your guests will definitely enjoy the hospitality and family-oriented atmosphere, having a wedding like no other, that is for sure. 
Now, however, there begins the "happily ever after". 
In the end, each of us has a free choice to believe or not to believe in fairy tales. Probably, regardless of any rational solutions a tiny fraction of faith will remain forever. But if one day you are lucky enough to celebrate your wedding in Palm Beachthen you will for sure immediately realize that sometimes happy endings can occur in the present, in reality. Moreover, a happy ending is happening to you at this very moment. "

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just wanna see you be BRAVE!

Didn't I tell you how I LOOOOVE this song? By far the best video ever!!!! Walang ka-echosan.
I love her to death. I'm praying hard for a Sara Bareilles concert in the Philippines!
I will surely watch it. VIP pa. chos!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Caramoan 2013

This is the most challenging summer getaway by far but truly worth it! Hindi biro ang more or less 16 hour travel. No fresh water, no electricity only bonfire and ngiisang kaldero. But hell yeah, we survived!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Survivor 2013 : Gang Edition

 photo 943762_10151460323678884_731230466_n_zpsa85d5ef6.jpg

 photo 904771_10151460323583884_1543047098_o_zps5ecd6c1a.jpg

We conquered the beautiful Caramoan group of Islands. 

Art of Traveling

Traveling has always been my passion. I have never been to other countries, though but I’m happy to say that I have set foot in some of our country’s wonders. It all started when my grandparents took me to Manila and Baguio for summer vacation when I was five. That was the first ever long trip I had. I’m from Surigao del Sur, by the way, so just imagine the distance. I may not remember everything but I know I enjoyed the cold climate in Baguio. I even brought some hand-me-down jackets and sweaters from my relatives. Memories of me playing with my cousins still remain.  Never thought I’d be that happy even when I was away with my parents that time. Since then, I spend my summer vacations at my grandparents’ town hoping that they would take me again to other summer destinations. During my summer breaks in high school and grade school, I would also tag along with my cousins whenever they’re off for a vacation in places I have never been to. I’m so “gala” like that. Haha!  

Living in Manila gives me a lot of opportunities to travel and discover more about our country. Thank God my parents support me on having an independent life and trust me in all my adventures. I’m always ecstatic in planning getaways with my friends. It has been my personal mission (mission?haha) to discover new place for a short vacation, may it be near or far. I want to support our local tourism and let people know and realize that it’s really more fun in the Philippines (Charoot!). Hence, my blog. I am always mesmerized by the fresh sound and scenery of the places I visit. It also amazes me on how other people value their cultures- their customs, beliefs, ways of life, food, art and religion. Some things that cannot be learned from books alone. You acquire them through road trips and experiences. Traveling has also helped me gain confidence and gave me comfort talking with strangers about different stuff.  That, my friend, is a way of widening our circle of connections.

I do a lot of research before conquering the place. There are major things to consider when planning for a trip. Among these are the location and budget.  With the location, Mr. Google is my best friend. It gives me the idea of what kind of place I will be staying in. Budget for me is really important. I save hard for my travels so it is very important to get my money’s worth. I’m a budget traveler so I see to it that the cost of the trip doesn’t take up so much money from my pocket.  

Traveling is a vital part of my life. It helps me grow as a person. Above all, it widens my life’s perspective.
Travel by heart! Travel now and be awesome! :D

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Walkway: Reflections on the stations of the cross

Today, Jonathan and I went to Bonifacio High Street to visit the stations of the cross. I learned this from Patty Laurel's blog. The installation is nice. It has a modern twist. Each station reminds us of how great God's love is. I was moved . You can also say a short prayer and participate in every activity in each station. That makes it very interactive. Truly a good experience. Will do this every year :) 

I salute the people behind this project. They did  a great job! 

A blessed holy week to everyone ❤

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I believe in angels

This made me cry. 

home art

Lately I've been obssessing myself with blogs and sites about interior designs, wall arts, crafts and gardening. Wish I could have my own house so that I can do anything with it. Repainting and decorating the interior just like some bloggers do. But because di pa afford ni mam, rent muna ang drama ko. I'm renting an apartment right now and I want to repaint the walls with white and light colors but the owner doesn't permit me to do so. =((
So I'm looking for alternatives. Few weeks ago, I was introduced to this blog: A Beautiful Mess. It's a lifestyle blog created by sisters Elsie and Emma. They share their ideas and inspiration on art and DIY projects. I'm truly madly deeply in love with their blog. Go check it out. For sure you will learn a lot from them. 

Here are some of their projects, which I'm planning to try at home :)
 photo 6a00d8358081ff69e2017c365ba98a970b-800wi_zps1345cb34.jpg
 photo 6a00d8358081ff69e20168eb098208970c-800wi_zpsafc2aa13.jpg
 photo 6a00d8358081ff69e2017ee58a7078970d-800wi_zps19c3b702.jpg

Ganda no?
I'm also considering on beautifying my rooftop. Putting some greens might be a good idea.
Here are some of my inspirations. Images below are via Apartment Therapy.
 photo DSCN2073_rect540_zps801219f6.jpg
 photo 1dianagarden_rect540_zps2b3c0346.jpg
 photo 309624681_rect540_zpsaac5da5c.jpg

I would love to tambay sa rooftop ko kung ganito istura nya. :)
I'll give myself 3 months to realize all these. So help me God. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Age is just a number, being young is an attitude"

I just turned a year older last January 16. Yes, I'm old! (*=*) 
Each year I feel wiser and mature and happier. Along with feeling good about myself , I also started to think and asked myself these questions. "Am I living a meaningful life?What are my accomplishments in life so far?" Napayoko nalng ako. I realized I haven't done enough. But because I'm trying to be an optimistic person, I know I still have time, I still have the chance to live my life in a meaningful way. I'm not getting any younger, so I better be quick. Stop wasting time on negativity. Pardon my being emo here.Birthday ko 'to.pagbigyan nyo na.hahahaha

Enough with the "emo" mode, I'm sharing you some photos of how I celebrate my birthday.
I received very early call from my parents. About 12 midnight. They always do that. They'd make sure that they're the first persons to greet us(siblings) on our birthday. Yes, they are the sweetest. They're the most thoughtful people I know. I also had lunch with my officemates. After work, my boyfriend accompanied me to church. It feels so good to attend mass. (napaghahalatang hindi ako maxadong ngsisimba.hehe). Then boyfriend brought me to Bar Dolci in The Fort. It was his treat. I was a happy kid :)) 
 photo IMG_1159_zps0af4154b.jpg
We had sweets that night. Their rainbow-colored macarons look attractive and taste good. Jonathan loved their extra dark chocolate gelato. Inubos nya nga e. hindi ako tinirhan.pambihirang libre to oh. hahaha
 photo IMG_1162_zps8b64177c.jpg
I didn't like the taste of their coffee. I don't know pero I think something is missing. :( (ah baka sugar
 photo IMG_1157_zps8ab645e1.jpg
a view of Burgos Circle
 photo IMG_1117_zps4d4e390f.jpg
(accessories:Tomato, shoes: Figliarina, bag: thrifted, top: thrifted, pants:Jag)
and I, walking down the street.

After the dessert date, we rushed to the cinema to catch the last full show of Les Mis. 
Oh God, the movie was best. Go watch it if you haven't. It's one of the best birthday presents ever. <3

I also had an advanced birthday celebration with my closest friends. My boyfriend helped me in preparing these food. I love entertaining guests at home especially cooking food for them :) 
 photo IMG_1217bbbbb_zpsc2609c6f.jpg
My Spicy Buffalo Wings. akala nila inorder ko to sa Bon Chon. lol
 photo IMG_1217bbbccc_zpsc2804f9d.jpg
Fish Fillet with Broccoli.
 photo IMG_1217aaaaa_zpsfb8d68cd.jpg
Grilled Tahong with Cheese. Effort pala pgluto in! We had grilled bangus too.
 photo IMG_1217bbbdddd_zpse7c3f0de.jpg
They gave me this cake. Thanks, friends! Love you too! 
So that was my fun-filled birthday celebration. 
Thank you dear God for another year! I love you forever. :)
 photo IMG_1130_zpsf57be418.jpg

I'm wearing roses

This gonna be my first outfit post of the year. :) 
 photo 150660_4812247738050_1375296604_n_zpse1d41cd4.jpg
Striking a pose while strolling around Abreeza Mall in Davao.
 photo 6364_4812269658598_895522453_n_zps90fea9e1.jpg
Got this floral top from ukay. I love that I feel comfortable wearing it. ;)

Have a lovely Sunday, loves! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

in the end, family is all that matters

Did you know that I missed my 4 am flight to Davao last December 20? Yes! Binatukan ko sarili ko bigtime! I set my alarm clock to 1 am and I need to be at the airport at least 1 hour before my flight but I woke up 3:45 am na. Craaaazzzzy I know. Ngpanic ang lola mo. On my way to the aiport, sa skyway, I saw an airplane flying na. Ang sakit-sakit. The pain of losing something so important. My promo ticket, which costs 900 pesos got forfeited and I have no choice but to buy a new one. Tumataginting na 9,600 pesos.Ouch.10 times my first tix. I wanna kill myself(ang OA). I could already buy 1 ukay store or donate it to typhoon victims (Char!). Well, things happen for a reason. What's important to me that time is to go home to these people.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Novelty nuts: the charm of chestnuts

Happy new year, blogosphere friends! :)
I'm back from my fun-filled christmas vacation. Can't wait to write stories and post photos about my break. Meanwhile, a friend of mine would like to share some information about chestnut. 
If you are interested, feel free to click the links below. :)

"The festive season brings some unusual ingredients into the kitchen, the chestnut being a prime example. The fruits of the chestnut tree are harvested in October and will last a few weeks in chilled storage. Fresh chestnuts can be easily dried or frozen for future use. Despite this, chestnuts remain an exotic ingredient outside the Christmas season. In fact they are a healthy food option: low in fat, high in fibre and a good source of Vitamin C. They also adapt well to both sweet and savoury dishes.
Nigella Lawson has repeatedly included chestnut dishes in her cookbooks. Her most recent publication, Nigellissima, contains a recipe for No Churn Chestnut Ice Cream. And Jamie Oliver has shown that chestnut dishes don’t have to be time consuming: his new book, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, features a recipe for Squash Soup with Sagey Chestnut Dumplings.
In the winter months, chestnuts become a street food; a paper bag of freshly roasted chestnuts can provide warmth and nourishment when you need to refuel during a Christmas shopping trip. It’s easy to roast chestnuts at home and fill your house with a delicious festive aroma.
Part of the appeal of the chestnut is its delectable colour. Chestnut is a classic shade for autumn and winter, suggestive of richness, luxury and warmth. Who can resist a pair of chestnut-brown suede boots? The range of Rocket Dog boots at includes some lovely options.
Or if you are looking for a fresh hair colour, chestnut is a versatile choice. Chestnut hair dye is available in many shades to flatter a variety of skin tones. Subtle highlights in chestnut will add spice and texture to brunette hair.
British cuisine will embrace the chestnut in the coming months. If you find yourself craving a chestnut after Christmas, seek out a gourmet sweet treat: Continental suppliers produce crème de marron (sweet chestnut puree) and marrons glacés (candied chestnuts) all year round.