Monday, May 27, 2013

Survivor 2013 : Gang Edition

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We conquered the beautiful Caramoan group of Islands. 

Art of Traveling

Traveling has always been my passion. I have never been to other countries, though but I’m happy to say that I have set foot in some of our country’s wonders. It all started when my grandparents took me to Manila and Baguio for summer vacation when I was five. That was the first ever long trip I had. I’m from Surigao del Sur, by the way, so just imagine the distance. I may not remember everything but I know I enjoyed the cold climate in Baguio. I even brought some hand-me-down jackets and sweaters from my relatives. Memories of me playing with my cousins still remain.  Never thought I’d be that happy even when I was away with my parents that time. Since then, I spend my summer vacations at my grandparents’ town hoping that they would take me again to other summer destinations. During my summer breaks in high school and grade school, I would also tag along with my cousins whenever they’re off for a vacation in places I have never been to. I’m so “gala” like that. Haha!  

Living in Manila gives me a lot of opportunities to travel and discover more about our country. Thank God my parents support me on having an independent life and trust me in all my adventures. I’m always ecstatic in planning getaways with my friends. It has been my personal mission (mission?haha) to discover new place for a short vacation, may it be near or far. I want to support our local tourism and let people know and realize that it’s really more fun in the Philippines (Charoot!). Hence, my blog. I am always mesmerized by the fresh sound and scenery of the places I visit. It also amazes me on how other people value their cultures- their customs, beliefs, ways of life, food, art and religion. Some things that cannot be learned from books alone. You acquire them through road trips and experiences. Traveling has also helped me gain confidence and gave me comfort talking with strangers about different stuff.  That, my friend, is a way of widening our circle of connections.

I do a lot of research before conquering the place. There are major things to consider when planning for a trip. Among these are the location and budget.  With the location, Mr. Google is my best friend. It gives me the idea of what kind of place I will be staying in. Budget for me is really important. I save hard for my travels so it is very important to get my money’s worth. I’m a budget traveler so I see to it that the cost of the trip doesn’t take up so much money from my pocket.  

Traveling is a vital part of my life. It helps me grow as a person. Above all, it widens my life’s perspective.
Travel by heart! Travel now and be awesome! :D