Thursday, December 5, 2013

And They Lived Happily Ever After.

I love fairy tales and I'm happy to share this article about love and weddings. Enjoy!

"If a child says that he believes in a fairy taleit will surprise nobody. If a child is going to try to convince the others of the reality of fairy tales, no one would even think of arguing with him. If the child perceives the world under the condition of all the fairy tales being true, he will most likely have the happiest and fairest childhood. Why, then, if the adult retains the same reckless faith in the fairy tale, he is accepted skeptical and is mocked on, of even accepted at all? Why are the fairy tales so persistently not taken seriously? To find some explanations on these issues, we need to first find the answer to a more fundamental question: what is the fairy tale, what is its essence, the meaning of it, why it was created and where its quintessence is concealed? Most likely, the purpose of fairy tale is an idealization of the real world. In the end, it' is hard to find someone who would be completely satisfied with his life in the emotional, psychological, empirical and moral terms. Very often, countless needs remain unmet. Many wishes remain only wishes forever. And each of us to the extent of necessary idealizes our life to put up with the harsh realities. We create our own fairy tale, which is slightly different from the existent living, we change a little the conditions of the game, and instantly, almost magically, life becomes easier. A fairy tale also creates a new world, separate from the surrounding, which has its own laws and regulations. A world where nothing is impossible. A world where there is always, regardless of the circumstances, in spite of all the obstacles and difficulties, a happy end. 
It is likely that this blind, desperate hope for the veracity of fairy tale largely explained by the presence of a Happy Ending. After all, this is probably the most beautiful and attractive part of the fairy tale, the most magical moment of it, and also the greatest fraudNamely the happy ending is the main reason for the distrustful attitude to fairy tales. Because everyone knows that such things does not happen in realityOr does it? Dare to imagine the most beautiful fairy tale with the most incredible and wonderful happy ending. What do you feel? Delight, euphoria, a burst of inexplicable joy. And at the same moment a hope is born. You start to subconsciously believe that what is happening is not a fairy tale, but real life. And all ended well for real and for real everyone remained together, pleased and happy. An unbelievable picture? Not at all. Such happy endings occur every day during the celebration of weddings in Palm Beach. Maybe not all the lovers who come to Palm Beach believe in the fairy tale and their own happy ending, but there is no one who leaves with no faith, as well. After a wedding in Palm Beach, everyone lives happily ever after. 
And it is natural to wonder why. Palm Beach is a fairy tale itself, with all its charm, for and romance. Clients of Palm Beach wedding planners invariably comment on the beautiful sky, the pristine beaches and the sense of tropical beauty. Your wedding can be enhanced by this amazing locale with ease as it’s already set up to support your needs. Palm Beach wedding services and companies have countless pictures of this idyllic locale, with miles of white sand beaches dotted with resorts and perfect spots for a sunset wedding. It is clear that each moment in this tropical paradise will be special. But in Palm Beach they know that the city has more than just spectacular locations and views. This city is built to host events, and there is a wide range of supportive businesses and consultants to make your wedding day perfect. You can have the most beautiful spot in the world for a wedding but your wedding will only shine if all the details are handled. When you are in Palm Beach, essentially you are still in the states, but it feels like the tropics. International airports are close at hand and the city is truly continental, allowing you to have the best of all worlds. From world class restaurants to snorkeling classes there is so much for your guests and your wedding party to do that you might want to schedule a few extra days there just to enjoy yourself.  
So let us begin our little wedding tour around the Palm Beach, which can be called a perfect wedding venue as a whole. At Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront blue skies, white sands and the shimmering Atlantic Ocean create a magnificent backdrop for weddings, whether beachside casual or black-tie formal. In fact, Hilton Singer is one of the few West Palm Beach hotels offering upscale ceremonies and receptions right at water’s edge. Brides and grooms are assisted by a team of professional planners, who carry out their unique dreams for the big day. Most of the resort’s 222 newly renovated guestrooms and suites view the ocean or islands of the inter-coastal waterway from personal balconies. Couples also appreciate the area’s variety of offerings for multi-generational groups. While some guests gravitate to the fashionable shops and galleries of Worth Avenue, others opt for boating, diving, golf or visits to the zoo and animal parkWhen not dining at the onsite beachfront restaurant, night owls may sample a choice of world-class restaurants and trendy clubs nearby at the Gardens and Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. 
If your spirit is more rebellious and perky, your choice should be The American German Club of the Palm Beaches, which hosts its annual Oktoberfest in October. Held on ten acres of ground, under a pavilion and massive tent, their "Original Oktoberfest" is one of the largest in the country! The Club also hosts monthly events. The spacious hall is available for group rental with catering on site and can accommodate up to 500. Allow the professional catering staff to make your event one to remember. You and your guests will definitely enjoy the hospitality and family-oriented atmosphere, having a wedding like no other, that is for sure. 
Now, however, there begins the "happily ever after". 
In the end, each of us has a free choice to believe or not to believe in fairy tales. Probably, regardless of any rational solutions a tiny fraction of faith will remain forever. But if one day you are lucky enough to celebrate your wedding in Palm Beachthen you will for sure immediately realize that sometimes happy endings can occur in the present, in reality. Moreover, a happy ending is happening to you at this very moment. "

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