Saturday, May 24, 2014

Palaui Outfit

I bought this maxi dress from ukay store. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. 
The next day, rumampa nako sa Palaui! haha!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cagayan Valley Invasion: Palaui Island

So this, my friend, is the continuation of my Cagayan Invasion post. haha! (hantagal)

On our third day, we transferred to Palaui Island from Anguib Cove. Palaui started getting its popularity when it was used as the filming location of Survivor last year. Since then local TV networks and even international ones feature this island in their travel segments. In fact, it is included in the Top 100 Best Beaches in the World according to CNN. It ranked no. 10! Awesome spot, isn't it?

Our tour guide took us to the areas where the Survivor tribes put up their tents/home. I'm not actually a fan of Survivor but I would love to watch the episodes filmed here. The water is so pristine with its blue-green color. It also has a rich marine reserve making it to the list.

Our main goal is to set foot in Cape EngaƱo Lighthouse. We have to climb a hill to reach the lighthouse. The trek looks so easy from afar but when we finally started hiking the hill, oh Lord, it was so tiring. I could hardly breathe and was close to giving up. haha! But then again, I signed up for this, so go lang ng go!

I was so speechless when I saw this stunning view! Can't help but thank God for this wonderful creation. I took a panoramic shot of the scene. It's like heaven in here! The trek was so challenging for me really (because of the baggage/fats I'm carrying.lols) but the experience was so awesome.

After a 20-minute trek, finally, the lighthouse! It is currently being used as a guide for the ships coming to and fro the Pacific Ocean traversing thru Babuyan and Philippine Sea. 
The pharos comes with beautiful ruins and historic structures.
On the other side of the hill is the majestic view of the Dos Hermanos Rocky Islets.
  Batanes-like view. The sea breeze gives you a refreshing feeling of happiness.

It breaks my heart to leave this magnificent place on Earth. This has to stay raw and untouched for our future generation to see. Thank you Palaui for that one memorable, enjoyable and beautiful experience. 
I love you, Cagayan Valley!!! 'Til we meet again! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cagayan Valley Invasion: Anguib Beach

For the 6th annual summer getaway with the gang, we decided to conquer the northest part of the mainland of Luzon... Cagayan Valley!!! As you know, we find pleasure in traveling long distance just to discover remote and virgin beaches in the Philippines.

It takes 12 hours to travel from Manila to Tuguegarao by bus. We left 9pm last April 30 and arrived in Tuguegarao at around 10am the next day and took a 3-hour van trip from Tuguegarao to Sta. Ana port. Oh boy halos mgmelt pwet ko but it's okay, I signed up for this so pangatawanan mo jan, Jing! lols.

Before we proceed to Anguib Beach, we bought some fruits, vegetables, canned goods, fresh fish, meat and other raw food for our 3 days and 3 nights of camping. Ala-survivor na namin kami neto!Anguib Beach is located within the cove. You can reach the beach by trike or by boat. Since the road to the cove is not passable that time, we took the 45-minute boat ride.My heart leapt as we disembark from our boat. I was so excited to dip my body in the water. It is so pristine and the scenery reminds me of Calaguas. The beach is indeed beautiful!


We stayed in this hidden paradise for 2 days and 2 nights! We survived the life without electricity and proper convenience. We almost ran out of food. Good thing our boatmen were so kind to buy us food in the market in Sta Ana.  Locals in Sta Ana are so kind and accommodating. If you are planning to visit this place, you can shoot me an email for the boatman's number. 

Our next stop is Palaui Island which was used as the filming location for Survivor: Blood vs. Water last year.
I will blog about this on my next post.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Parents Getaway

I miss my parents so much so I'm gonna post photos of their getaway last October. 

We went to Tagaytay to unwind and get some fresh air. It's also mama's special request. 
I was so excited to bring them to Buon Giorno, as this is my favorite restaurant in Tagaytay.  Glad they enjoyed our lunch. This resto never fails to serve delicious food.
I took them to Caleruega too. This place is like heaven.  I never miss going to this place whenever I visit Tagaytay. It has a beautiful church where you can reflect and pray. 

Today is my father's birthday, by the way!
I love you to bits, pa! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Surigao del Sur's beauty spots

I blog not just because I want to write about my life's randomness but to promote my country's tourism too! charooots!

I write about the places and adventures I went to in some parts of the country. But rarely do I post about my hometown. I feel guilty for not flacking my home paradise that much.  So here's a post showcasing the beauty of my province, Surigao del Sur. I was not born there but I was raised and namulat sa probinsyang ito. I wouldn't trade it for any province.

Surigao del Sur offers a lot of beautiful spots. From magnificent  waterfalls, majestic rivers to wonderful beaches. You name it, we have it. hahaha. yabang.

These are just a few of the gems I visited. Since I'm not good writer (I'm an IT engineer after, I will populate my post with pictures. haha! Sabi nga nila "A picture is worth a thousand words." ;)

1.) Britania Group of Islands

This group of Islands is located in Brgy Britania of San Agustin, central of Surigao del Sur.  It is composed of 24 dazzling islands. But when we got there, we were only allowed to explore 5 or 6  islands. Some are privately owned already.

This place is best qualified by white fine sand and clear blue water. One true paradise.

2.) Tinuy-an Falls

 Dubbed as the "Niagara Falls of the Philippines", Tinuy-an Falls  is a three-tiered waterfall and is the widest waterfall in our country. The width of the falls is 95 meters and is 180 ft high. It is also the main attraction of my hometown, Bislig City. ;)

I was beyond words when I first set foot in this super impressively splendid waterfall. The first words I utter were "Thank you Lord for bringing me here"! I have never seen such big waterfall. Ang ganda! sobra!

3.) Enchanted River

Also known as "Natural Swimming Pool". It is located in Hinutuan, Surigao del Sur. I discovered this just recently. Its crystal clear and blue/turquoise-colored water is so inviting! It is truly enchanting!

I have yet to discover other tourist destinations in my province, but surely I will come back and visit other spots too.

To know more about my home paradise, watch this video. Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2014

rooftop inspiration

My rooftop is so bare and for the past months I've been planning to decorate it and make it look lively.
I realize how important this part of my apartment is, especially now that it's scorching hot, even at night time! As much as I want to buy an air conditioner, I just can't for some reasons. The design of my 2-floor apartment doesn't comply to the requirements of having an air conditioning room. It's just furkin' useless to install air conditioner. 

Anyways, I stay at home at night time and during weekends and because it's friggin' hot these days,  I spend most of my time in my rooftop at night except when I go to sleep. I'm actually thinking of putting a bed in the rooftop. haha!

I browsed some inspiration from Pinterest and these are my favorites:

I better put my plans to action. So help me, God!