Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy 6th!

This is such a late post but I still want this event posted on my blog because it is SPECIAL. We celebrated our 6th year anniversary last November 11, 2013 in a "MEAT-ALL-YOU-CAN" restaurant in The Fort. We see to it na in every celebration, dapat busog na busog para sulit! Hence, the weight. hahaha 

So happy to have survived this long. We've had ups and downs. Experienced a lot of  petty arguments sometimes because of me being so sensitive and emotional,(well that's according to him). For me, I'm just being vocal and real. haha! Our relationship is full of laughter, fun and learning. chos!

We dined in a korean inspired barbecue restaurant. It was actually our first time to eat korean food. They offer a wide selection of meat and we're glad we chose the sweet and not so spicy type of bbq.

We know for sure how we love each other. I couldn't find a better man than him. 
God is so good to bless us with each other.
Cheers to more years! <3