Saturday, March 15, 2014


Jonathan and I were strolling in the Century City Mall when we bumped into this burger eatery. Since we're hungry already and the interior looks posh, we decided to dine. 
It's too spacious you could already host a wedding reception. lol. A big screen at the back displays random videos. But for me, its kinda destructive. I'm fond of good conversations when dining with people so anything that steals attention is a NO NO for me. 
The chairs and tables are very colorful it's like a playground. :)) The place is well-lit and it looks really clean.
  The staff were all smiles and are extra friendly. When I asked one of them to take a photo of me and Jonathan, other two staff members joined. Ang kulit! (^=^)
We ordered chicken burgers. Nothing extra-ordinary about their burger actually. The taste is bland and pretty ordinary. What I like about their menu is that instead of a bun, you can customize( customize? so technical! haha) your burger and have it covered with cabbage. Low carb style.
I didn't feel bloated after the meal. Guilty no more. 
Their burgers are too pricey. :(

Still, I enjoyed my date with my lover! haha
Photos taken with my iphone.

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