Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ryan and Chinnie's Wedding

I was surprised when I received a text message from a good friend, Chinnie, that she’s getting married in 2 weeks. Like wow! What a short notice! In 2 weeks? How is that possible? Or maybe they have arranged this for quite a long time already and informed us just now. Aaaaahhhh whatever, Marimar! What’s important is that Chinnie will finally be in union with the love of her life, Ryan.  I was so excited and happy for her. And once again, I will be reunited with my college barkada.

I got to San Pablo, Laguna around 10Am of Tuesday last week. I was so early for a 530 pm wedding. Haha! That’s fine with me at least I get to chat with my friends especially with the bride. So happy to see Audrey and the rest of the berks at the wedding venue. She came all the way from Davao along with Chinnie's immediate family.

The wedding was held in the garden of Villa Evancueda. Such a beautiful and peaceful place. It was very intimate and lovely, only family and closest friends were invited. The ceremony itself was so fun and sweet presided over  by a pastor with so much humor. I was teary-eyed cried so much in the wedding. Can’t help, especially when I saw the bride walked down the aisle. She is the most beautiful girl that day.

I didn't get to take a lot of photos at the wedding because I wanted to enjoy the event, food, friends, everything. Thank God Francis Harris Villamor, photographer and owner of Francy's Events Management, allowed me to post some of their beautiful photos.
 It was my first time to attend a 530 pm wedding.  I must say it's one of the best time of the day for a wedding.
The newlyweds, Chinnie and Ryan  

The reception was so pretty.  Every detail is LOVE.
Most of the photos from here on were taken with my phone.
The lights blend so well with the motif. 
and look at their wedding souvenirs...fluffy pillows!!!
cute eh?

Me and my braso. lol  
 Weddings are our reunions too. 

Chinnie with her bridesmaids. Aren't they pretty? I love the color and design of their gowns. 
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I was right. Everything came together in just 2 weeks. 2 week preparation it is! The bride and the groom, of course with the help of their event organizers, put up a good, beautiful wedding. Hep Hep Hooray!!!

Best wishes to Chinnie and Ryan. 

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