Friday, April 4, 2014

rooftop inspiration

My rooftop is so bare and for the past months I've been planning to decorate it and make it look lively.
I realize how important this part of my apartment is, especially now that it's scorching hot, even at night time! As much as I want to buy an air conditioner, I just can't for some reasons. The design of my 2-floor apartment doesn't comply to the requirements of having an air conditioning room. It's just furkin' useless to install air conditioner. 

Anyways, I stay at home at night time and during weekends and because it's friggin' hot these days,  I spend most of my time in my rooftop at night except when I go to sleep. I'm actually thinking of putting a bed in the rooftop. haha!

I browsed some inspiration from Pinterest and these are my favorites:

I better put my plans to action. So help me, God!


aika castillo said...
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aika castillo said...

dai lingaw bitaw idecorate imong rooftop. i can imagine kanang futtons2x na style, colorful pillows. i miss that rooftop. cge lang hapit na atong dinner round 2.

Jing Ocay said...

haha! oo parsly dinner!