Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cagayan Valley Invasion: Palaui Island

So this, my friend, is the continuation of my Cagayan Invasion post. haha! (hantagal)

On our third day, we transferred to Palaui Island from Anguib Cove. Palaui started getting its popularity when it was used as the filming location of Survivor last year. Since then local TV networks and even international ones feature this island in their travel segments. In fact, it is included in the Top 100 Best Beaches in the World according to CNN. It ranked no. 10! Awesome spot, isn't it?

Our tour guide took us to the areas where the Survivor tribes put up their tents/home. I'm not actually a fan of Survivor but I would love to watch the episodes filmed here. The water is so pristine with its blue-green color. It also has a rich marine reserve making it to the list.

Our main goal is to set foot in Cape EngaƱo Lighthouse. We have to climb a hill to reach the lighthouse. The trek looks so easy from afar but when we finally started hiking the hill, oh Lord, it was so tiring. I could hardly breathe and was close to giving up. haha! But then again, I signed up for this, so go lang ng go!

I was so speechless when I saw this stunning view! Can't help but thank God for this wonderful creation. I took a panoramic shot of the scene. It's like heaven in here! The trek was so challenging for me really (because of the baggage/fats I'm carrying.lols) but the experience was so awesome.

After a 20-minute trek, finally, the lighthouse! It is currently being used as a guide for the ships coming to and fro the Pacific Ocean traversing thru Babuyan and Philippine Sea. 
The pharos comes with beautiful ruins and historic structures.
On the other side of the hill is the majestic view of the Dos Hermanos Rocky Islets.
  Batanes-like view. The sea breeze gives you a refreshing feeling of happiness.

It breaks my heart to leave this magnificent place on Earth. This has to stay raw and untouched for our future generation to see. Thank you Palaui for that one memorable, enjoyable and beautiful experience. 
I love you, Cagayan Valley!!! 'Til we meet again! 

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Ang ganda naman dun! Looks so much better than Boracay. Malinis pa

Cute ng maxi dress mo!