Monday, January 23, 2017

The cool city of Köln Germany

Short but sweet visit. Cologne was one of the most bombed cities in Germany during the world wars so you can hardly see medieval buildings at present time. The Cathedral is the main attraction of the city and was one of the few structures spared from bombing. It is so majestic that I tried my best to take a photo of all the angles of the church. Kulang na lang mgrent ako ng plane para sa top view. lol. Seriously though, it was so difficult to take a photo of the dom 'coz it's so huuuuge! Nakakamangha sa ganda! I also had the chance to see contemporary art in Ludwig Musuem which houses one of the largest collections of Pablo Picasso and other famous artists. Seeing Picasso's works in person gave me goosebumps. I'm not into art but his paintings fed me unexplainable ecstatic feeling. Also, had a chit chat with one of the security guards of the musuem. When I told him I'm from the Philippines, he hummed a few notes of Freddie Aguilar's song ANAK. I was so amazed. Ang sarap ng feeling. Kakaproud lang. :)

The city also has a Love Lock Bridge called Hohenzollernbrücke. Sabi na eh may forever sa Deutschland. <3hehe. I had a pleasure discovering the fourth largest city of Germany. It was really a nice experience. One for the books!

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